Greek Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

8 loose leaf herbal blends, made by women, for women, to assist you in your everyday needs.

Our aim is simple; to be your Go-To tea at any time of the day. 

Why Greek Tea? Simply because they combine taste, health benefits and quality due to the unique climate and soil conditions.

Around 1.600 species of plats that can be found in Greece, are endemic, ie. you can't find them anywhere else in the world! This unique wealth of herbs, places Greece among one of the richest countries in biodiversity globally.

The Greek land has tremendous potential thriving from the remarkable Mediterranean climate, to create such outstanding herbs.

What makes us different?

We were made by a medical student, to help herself and other women in their everyday life problems. Nothing should keep you down!

Her mission was to remove the hyperbole that saturates the tea industry, and make tea experience fun. So, she created 8 blends with properties for your everyday needs, in unique combinations and exceptional taste.

No boring packages, but ones that were born to live on your instagram.

Loose Leaf! We don't stuff them into tea bags, or grind them. So you can enjoy them, the same way ancient Greeks did two thousand years ago!

100% Natural, Vegan, Gluten-free and Caffeine-free.

No additives, no artificial flavors-nothing filling in between you and a pure, natural cup of tea.

Just as nature intended.

Welcome to #tasteaheaven.

OK, this is all I need. Honestly I love these blends! So different from one another, and now spending winter without them seems impossible to me. I absolutely love these!

Katerina (Customer)

Firstly I was pleasantly surprised as to how well packaged the tea was. Not only is it well sealed and has a pleasing aesthetic, it was absolutely full to the brim! The tea itself was delicious and a favorite flavor combo of mine. It’s not dusty like some other brands. It’s full of whole flower buds and leaves etc...and the added cinnamon makes it a perfect drink for this time of year! Warm and delicious. Thank you Tastea Heaven!

Adele (Customer)

BEST TEA I'VE TRIED! The Greek tea in a whole other level...

Lisa (Customer)


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